PlayMall is the new all-in-one wallet system of Playpark. Topping up for your favorite PlayPark game is super easy with PlayMall You can top up to all of our games using any method of payment available to you.



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Before using PlayMall, you may have some remaining or no remaining balance in the PlayWallet. Please select below on which applies to you.

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What is PlayMall?

• PlayMall is the new all-in-one wallet system of Playpark. Topping up for your favorite Playpark game is super easy with PlayMall! You can top up to all of our games using any method of payment available to you.

What are the differences between PlayMall and PlayWallet?

• PlayMall allows users to spend points from their wallet to all games and all countries covered by Asiasoft. While PlayWallet only allow users to top up to game in some country.

I don't want to migrate, can I just still use Playwallet?

• Sorry, after PlayMall launches you can no longer use PlayWallet. The system requires all Playpark users to migrate to PlayMall.

Is there a deadline to migrate from PlayWallet to PlayMall?

• You have until January 11, 2017 11AM to migrate from PlayWallet to PlayMall.

What will happen if I did not migrate from PlayWallet to PlayMall by January 11, 2017 11AM?

• Your remaining @Cash in PlayWallet will be reset to 0 and no request for refunds will be entertained.

Why do I need to select a currency?

• This is to ensure that the cash point will be correctly converted to the user's selected currency.

How will the selected currency affect me?

• It's all about making PlayMall easier for you to use. For example, normally when you top up using SGD you'll get SG Points, top up PHP and you get PH Points. On PlayMall, the cash point is converted to your selected currency.

What is the exchange rate use in PlayMall based on?

• It is based on the rate set by Asiasoft which is based off international exchange rates.

I am staying in Thailand and only play Asiasoft Thailand games, must I select Thai Baht as my currency?

• Not necessarily, you have an option to choose the currency you want but it is advisable to use the currency of the country you are residing in.

Can I change my selected currency?

• During migration if you made a mistake in choosing your currency, we will allow you one chance to change it immediately. Otherwise, you have to wait 60 days before you can make any changes to your account.

If I am moving to Malaysia from Singapore, do I need to change my user currency?

• Not necessarily, you can still use SGD as your currency even if you're topping up via Malaysia Payment Channels.

What do I need to do if I want to change to a new currency?

• Make sure you spend your remaining balance first. Changing currencies is only allowed if your balance is below 1USD. Once you change currencies, the balance is reset to 0.

Payment Channels & Payment Methods

What payment methods are accepted in PlayMall?

  • Thailand : @CASH Thailand, TrueMoney, One-2-Call! Cash Card, Dtac Cash card, Debit Card/ Credit Card, LINE Pay, Online Banking
  • Singapore : @CASH Singapore, , eNETS, Paypal
  • Malaysia : @CASH Malaysia (Formerly known as CIBMALL), Hotlink, YouGoPay, Paypal MY
  • Indonesia : Gudang Voucher
  • Vietnam : VT-Phone Card, VT-Banking (Fix amount)
  • Philippines : LevelUp Cards

If I have selected Thai as my currency, can I top up using CiBmall card?

• Yes you can. On the top up page, Click on the More Options button to see the other regional payment methods.

Do the points have an expiry date?

• Yes, the points will expire in 365 days from your last transaction.

Can I check the outstanding balance and cash point expiry date?

• The cash points and expiry date will be displayed after you login into PlayMall.

Is it possible to check my transaction history?

• Yes, you can check your "Transaction History"after login.

What is the duration of transaction history kept?

• You can verify your transaction history for the last 90 days.

What is "Direct Top Up" ?

• Direct Top up is an option to top up directly to a specific game of your choice.

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